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The Wild Episode

Hello and welcome to The Wild Episode - a collection of wonders, curiosities and occasionally horrors from the natural world. Check out the main website,, for more info and full shownotes!

Jun 10, 2022

To fill an unanticipated, COVID-related gap in the schedule, this is a rebroadcast of an episode from the first year of the podcast - one that mysteriously became unavailable in the podcast feed a while back. Hopefully it sticks around this time, though no promises since I don't know what went wrong with it the first time round.

The northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) is one of the commonest seabirds in the North Atlantic, and a true master of the air. But most importantly for this episode, it is a central character in the story of how, for centuries, a village of perhaps two hundred people survived in one of Britain's most isolated, bleak locations ...

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Opening & Closing Themes: Running Waters and Acoustic Meditation by Audionautix (Jason Shaw), from CC BY 3.0.

Modified versions of:

Bloom (Instrumental) and Fight the Sea (Instrumental) by Josh WoodwardCC BY 4.0.

The Return by nisei23CC BY 3.0.

In A Moment and Reflections by Lee RosevereCC BY 3.0.

Field Recording of fulmars by neilgCC BY 3.0